gm frens 🤬 Just when you thought market going down is bad enough, you read about those hacks almost on daily basis. SOL and USCD was the target this time. Roughly $5 million worth of crypto stolen in this hack. More than 15k wallets were impacted.Thanks for reading web3lunch…
Not just him, his brother and his friend as well
Not long ago we wrote a newsletter on how Celsius was pausing withdrawals and transfers. It did not take long for them to file for bankruptcy. News…
We talk about the potential of FTX buying Robinhood and Voyager issuing Notice of Default to 3AC
We talk about Solana Saga smartphone, Ebay buying KnownOrigin and Binance collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo
Case of Celsius, a crypto lending platform as well as Finblox and BlockFi
We talk about Bitcoin and how it is more energy efficient as well as margin call and what it means
In today's newsletter, we cover web5 and DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)
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